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Specific Targeting, Even of Immune Tumors

Further analysis of results reported in Cancer Research indicate that vitaletheine modulators and related compounds may be unique in their ability to use the immune system to selectively treat cancers of the immune system. NS-1 myeloma is a non-secreting plasmacytoma of the B-cell lineage, i.e., a cancerous antibody-producing immune tumor which does not release its antibodies into the medium. Treatments with the vitaletheine modulator were stopped on day 47 (almost 7 weeks) and protracted survival after this time indicates either a cure for the disease in all of the juvenile mice treated with 100 pg/kg, or at least a continuing immune surveillance to eliminate any recurring tumor. Thus, this approach is sufficiently specific to stop the cancer cells without harming rapidly growing normal (or healthy) cells. This capacity should be particularly useful in the treatment of young children with cancer, i.e., effective treatment without causing the complications of retarded growth and development associated with other therapies, like chemotherapy and radiation.
Myeloma Cures with the Benzyl Derivative
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