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VitaleTheine is the base structure of some new, non-toxic immunostimulants useful in treating cancer and probably a variety of other diseases. There is now evidence that certain members of this new family of Therapeutics (the "vitaletheine modulators") occur in tissue extracts of at least healthy mammals.

The synthesis of vitaletheine's disulfide, vitalethine, is poetic in the Biblical sense of "beating swords into plowshares". Phosgene, a lethal gas used to kill soldiers and civilians during World War I, is used to carboxylate the free amines of ß-alethine. In so doing, phosgene, "the sword", causes at least a 100 million-fold increase in the therapeutic potency of authentic preparations of ß-alethine as this simple disulfide is "beat" into the "plowshare", vitalethine.

A serpentine staff or crutch has long been associated with medicine and healing. Vitaletheine is considered the "crutch" of these new efforts in the healing arts. A medical caduceus, or crutch with two snakes, originally was associated with Mercury (the ancient Roman's crafty and deceptive god of commerce, property, and wealth). Mercury was considered to be a trickster or thief and only later became associated with "magic" and "science". Note our logo has only one snake as did the crutch (caduceus) of Aesculapius, the Roman god of "healing".


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